Odds of seeing cult of possessed

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Odds of seeing cult of possessed

Postby SixPath » 24 October 2015, 15:55

Hi, since the last patch I've never seen the cult of the possessed. I'd says it's a 60% chance of fighting mercenaries, and 20% for sisters and 20% for skaven.

I've played about 30ish games, every single one was on deadly or brutal since I started a new campaign.

Perhaps a bug since last patch that doesn't let cult ai fight in brutal or deadly?

Before last patch it was 25% for all of them roughly.

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Re: Odds of seeing cult of possessed

Postby drenzul » 24 October 2015, 15:57

No, I've not seen any either, although I have been playing as them.

Been seeing lots of Skaven.... unfortunately.... every warpstone rush seems to have them.

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Re: Odds of seeing cult of possessed

Postby LDiCesare » 25 October 2015, 06:41

I haven't seen a single one of them either.

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