Feedback regarding warband management

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Feedback regarding warband management

Postby Rogue1 » 19 October 2015, 17:16

Having just come back with the addition of warband progression overall I am very much enjoying the game but I have noticed 2 things with regards to warband management that has given me some pause.

First is there a reason that I have to pay for both treatment and upkeep on a warrior in order to fire them. For example if I have a warrior get a permanent injury and I know I am not going to keep them I either have to move them to reserve and let them die/leave or pay both fees before firing them and replacing them. I realize it is minor but I have found that to be a bit off putting.

Second it seems to me that skills cost an enormous amount of gold to train relative to a warband's income. This might be a symptom of having come from the table top world where skills don't generally cost money as characters level. I understand the need for some gold sink due to the ability to sell Wyrdstone and loot but at least one of my warbands every member is currently sitting on unspeant skill points because I cannot afford to buy the skills after paying for upkeep and injury treatment. Granted this may not be an issue on higher level warbands than my own and if that is the case I retract my complaint.

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Re: Feedback regarding warband management

Postby Astralwyrm » 19 October 2015, 18:13

It is pretty diabolical to fire a injured and unpaid mercenary. Just be careful if you get your wish; that one-eyed, pegg legged, hook waving snotling you fired injured and unpaid might come back to bite you 'hint' 'hint' RF. >=D

Skills do cost quite a bit early on, you can collect veteran points to buy veteran skills which will help you to progress with current and future war bands you play with. A lot of veteran skills deal in reducing costs including training costs.

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