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Items currently carried

Postby Blitzconfusion » 12 October 2015, 11:00

I have currently 141 hours of gameplay behind me, and one thin bugs me still:

There really should be easier/more ways to check what your Characters are currently carrying in their Inventories. Currently this can only be achieved by checking Action Wheel during their turn. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.
The thing is, waiting for the turn of the specific Character/-s just in order to check the status of their evolving Backpacks is simply both tiresome and tactically limiting. I can't remember what 7+ Characters have already picked up during the game, and thus as the direct consequence I, every now and again, plan to raid thing with a Character when planning my whole turn, only to see that their Backpack is already full when their turn comes.

So I propose: In Overview(map) mode, where having the pointer on a Character reveals the particular specifics you want, be it buffs or stats, but not Action Wheel ever,
pressing Action Wheel button (Space by Default?), would reveal Backpack of the Character howered over, and empty space there still is as empty slots.

As the button can't be triggered in Overview normally, it won't overlap with other uses, one does not need a whole new button for this thing alone.

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