Campaign mission -first impressions (Possessed)

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Campaign mission -first impressions (Possessed)

Postby Schedim » 08 October 2015, 17:27

Nice mission but last girl is to easy to sneak by, as has been mentin earlier.

However, I failed the first mission (through extensive stupidity) and that made think about the structure. Is the plan to stick to the grind version of campaign? That is, will there just be the redo-until-you-succeed? If that is the case I strongly oppose that. Mordeim has always (to me) been a very non-linear sandboxy game, and would prefere consequences of failure rather than just redo the same mission a second time. Branching out to side acts in order to continue with act 2, or punishment in the for of increased warpstone demands one band member affected by random bad mutation ... etc.

Just about anything to avoid the grindy standard method of levels...

But I have to add, Gods what I love this game!!

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