[Feedback] Cult of the Possessed - Mission 3

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[Feedback] Cult of the Possessed - Mission 3

Postby Kruos » 07 October 2015, 21:48

Good mission, but either too easy or too frustrating.

If you read too quickly the wall of text in introduction (like I did), you may miss the part related to the rod, and you may lure the skaven boss without the rods, leading to a quite frustrating encounter. ^^

Apart that little thing, the map is well designed with lot of possible paths and shockpoint, very good map.

I would suggest two things to improve the experience :
1) Maybe put more hints in the objectives to help the player understand that he has to kill the warlock before luring the boss
2) To increase difficulty put all the warlocks in overwatch stance
3) Give the rat-ogre an escort to avoid him getting gang banged ;)

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