Marauder VS Mutant

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Marauder VS Mutant

Postby Kruos » 05 October 2015, 19:36

Comparing this two classes, I have the feeling that the Mutant is a little bit more flexible, whereas the Marauder looks more fitted for some glass canon role.

I love the Maraudeur style, very savage. The Mutant by comparison looks quite 'grey', he miss some charism I think.

One thing that surprised me when analysing their respective stats : the Maraudeur has as much mutations as the Mutant. It's unfair! As his name suggest, the Mutant is the king of the mutation, he should have more than every others classes, dont you think?

I would suggest to decrease the number of mutations of the Marauder, in order to make the Mutant more unique and special. What do you think guys?

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