[Feedback] Cult of the Possessed - Mission 1

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[Feedback] Cult of the Possessed - Mission 1

Postby Kruos » 05 October 2015, 19:11

Cool mission, I enjoyed the differents steps, even if on overall the feeling was quite easy and straighforward. I managed to succeed with a quite low warband (the mission was 'Hard' on the campaign screen), killing every sister one by one.

Merga is very very powerfull in this mission, I think she killed maybe 3 sisters by herself. Also, the final 'boss' guarding the bell is a little to far from the access path : I was able to sneak to the bell by carefully moving my guy without triggering the ambush.

I would suggest to increase a little the difficulty of this mission. Some ideas :
- Make Merga start the mission totally alone, far away from the group (ie.: as it is now but without escort)
- Put the 'boss' a litttle bit closer in order to trigger his ambush stance every time (I had the feeling to cheat by avoiding him so easily)

tldr: Cool mission, but could be cooler if it was a little bit more difficult. :)

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