Learning time and inconvenient timing

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Learning time and inconvenient timing

Postby Blitzconfusion » 05 October 2015, 09:47


As we all are aware, a Character who is in the process of learning stuff is incapable of joining missions. However, I think a small adjustment might be in order.

One gains money out of shipments at the beginning of the turn. Because of the quite (sadistically pleasurably) tight economy, one has to manage the money efficiently, especially in the early game. Skills are a high-investment high-priority consideration.

I got my ship-load (heh) of gold, and started managing stuff. After the managing, I just realized that my few Skill-learning Characters should really have performed the daily mission first, and I had to perform a selling spree to have a replacing Character, so that I won't need to basically skip three turns.
After that Mission, I, of cource, had the money I would have needed before the Mission, so the next turn would have been unaffected anyway.

If you have a Character learn stuff at the beginning of turn, they skip one more missions than if they did that at the very end of the turn. While I very much like this forced reserve utilization (managing stuff is fun!), I do think that Characters should be able to join Missions on the very turn they have been scheduled extra-credit classes, because:
1) timewise, it makes no difference, so one can't really game the system, and forced order of operations is annoying when the money-stakes are so high;
2) managementwise it is less of a headache not to have to separate gear-buying and Skill-buying, especially when the higher priority (Skills) would be the last thing to do;
3) new players won't get teary upon realization of how much they just screwed themselves up. Doing this in the wrong order really can cost up to three days.

Of cource, if it would be a nightmare to code checking if the time remaining on training is the same as the initial time cost, and have the game react accordingly, this isn't anything really major.

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