[Feedback] Light wounds vs. Full recovery

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[Feedback] Light wounds vs. Full recovery

Postby Orkhan » 04 October 2015, 13:48

Dear Devs,
please take a look at my wounded Henchman, he suffered like a trillion Light Wounds. All of them because he received one Critical Hit during a battle but did not fall out of action.

So basically it works like this, when you receive a critical hit you get a wound for sure.
If you get taken out of action the injury is bigger (Case 1),
but if you dont you get the Light Wound (Case 2).

I think a change is needed concerning the Light Wounds.


1. give the Character a chance on full recovery when Case 2 occurs (maybe a chance of 20% or something)
2. let Light Wounds add up, for example if a character has Case 2 but already has a Light Wound he will automatically get a Medium Wound (Chest Wound, Broken Jaw, Brain Trauma etc., not the crucial ones)

Suggestion 2 states that only one Light Wound can be active at a time, so that we dont see cases like Zarwesch Brockners.
Thank you for reading my suggestions.


Mad Jester
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Re: [Feedback] Light wounds vs. Full recovery

Postby Mad Jester » 05 October 2015, 13:34

Hey, Orkhan! :)

Thank you for posting this report and providing a screenshot.

It really looks like your henchman fell on a porcupine. :D

Best regards,
Mad Jester

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