Mutant, Bows and random Mutations

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Mutant, Bows and random Mutations

Postby Blitzconfusion » 03 October 2015, 20:37

Currently, if you have a two-armed weapon like a Bow or a Great anything, and your other arm mutates, it seems that you can keep the weapon equiped, but not re-equip it.

Now, on the surface this is a clear bug, but I actually think this is kinda neat.

Mutant has a problem in that one can't really take any Ballistic Skill before level 10, because even just one arm mutating makes all ranged options null. If one, however, manages to have just up to one arm mutated, and has the Bow (or more propably Short Bow) already equiped, one can still have a ranged Mutant with a minor boost to shooting by the mutation.

The situation where one could actually milk the situation into one's advantage is so much pain and effort to establish (have a Masterwork Bow or Short Bow on level 1 Mutant, and hope for just up to one arm mutation), that I actually plea you not to fix this. In my opinion, this is a clear case of Good Bad Bug, is not a Game Breaker, and is so much fun and satisfying to achieve thanks to being so hard to set up.

Tldr: I plea the Two-Handed Weapon + Arm Mutation to ascend to Ascended Bug status.

PS. If you are quite certain this has to go, at least make the game refund Ballistic Skill points upon mutating an arm.
EDIT: Or allow one to always equip two-handed weapons with just one mutated arm. If one really wants to play that build, maybe they should be allowed to do so.

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