Svinto reveiws. 15-10-3

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Svinto reveiws. 15-10-3

Postby Svinto » 03 October 2015, 00:59

my exp with the singel player has been really good. i like it i really do. but heavy armor is still underbalanced. it is the worst choise for a very long time. i think raising the resisten a little more like 5-10% and giving all attackers +10-15% to hit. and it would be good for the 2H also. case it having such a hard time with dodge. throw it a bone. the reason why? it makes sens. cloth you can move. armor you can move but slower. with makes you easier to hit. but as long as resistens does its job i would not have a problem with it. i would be ok on that for the fact your not good at dodgeing anyway i would buy that. no band Value on armor pleaaaase.. at least on the white.

i have an idea for new mission types. with deployment. your warband attacks an other bands temporary base. you get to depoly like you planned it. ambush: you info from a scout about a warband wagon traveling with quite the trophy you want. you deploy casue you planned it. mision back story wise.

unlocking things take to much game time. i played for 3 days. all the gaming time i could muster. and then i get my possessed. really i got level 5 henchemen that wipe there ass with that rank 0 possessed. any calling him hero. "shrugs". anyway thats just one warband. i dont mind unlocking things. but thats usaly for giveing people a slow starting curve in to the game i get it. 3 days of long session gaming. and i just got it. and my spawn is miles away. and if i am not lucky with the swordmen for hired they level 0. if that continues. we need 1-exp underdog bouns for every level higher the enemy team was higher then him. then they will level up and and lost legs and arms, for dieing hundreds of times not doing much of use. fast progression. why so slow. i want to play more warbands then just one. and i like playing other games as well. so its like the game is forcing me to grind. and it takes away the fun. and the time you spent dont feel worth it after a wile.

also the hired swordsmen you should have a random set based on the level of you teamates. getiing the option to hire a rank 3 wen you rank 0 and broke. yay or wen your high level and only find level 1 in the one you want. faster progression on unlocking the spots so you can have more passive back at base fast then now.

the shop is terrible. i mean i have play for so long and so few times have i ever gotten stuff that i would like to buy and really need. you want a pistol no i am not a skaven or a merc. sister of sigmar flail or hammer. "omg why Facepalm" why are they even in my buy menu.

bad luck. sometimes you get in trouble running missions. if you get a couple of bad games in a row it can put you down hard. you need to pay expensive costs for training and/or hired swordsmen. long resting periods for wounded. should be able to fire them on the sick bed if you ask me. for 1.5 times the treatment cost. and you at least open a spot for new recruite or hired swordmen. if i lost alot of missions it would feel good to have management control meeting those issues in the basecamp. and not feeling maybe i must start a new war band of the same class and play for 3... more.... days...........

chaos spawn needs to be closer progression wise. i waited so long to get a taste for the possessed hero and the spawn i feel like its so faar away.

we need higher gains from missions gold wise, or/and wyrdstone. this would make it easier to have controll in base camp you can fix you problems with money. as long as you have it. you can fire and hire. buy equ you need. compensation for this can be to raise the death chance of an char OOA might balance the flow of cash. you enemy's are already steal your stuff. so you need to be able to buy what you need (as long as you have been smart with your spendings and saved some.) one more reason why i think this is the price on training is to high. i have several level 5 that i dont got cash to train. its better to fire. and higher if and wen a hired swordsmen you want shows up and you get free training. more worth you gold. with is sad. i think.

rare and epic gear should show up in Shop at some point of level gap on the regular.

thats all i can think of right now- a mix of what i think of the game right now and how i would have enjoyed it more. its really gr8 comming back to the game. i could handle this level thing with skills a lot better with progression system. the "here is level 10 and all the skills" system overwhelmed me. i am having lots of fun playing the game as it is now. but some stuff needs tuning.

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