Game hung up.

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Game hung up.

Postby Ranzig_Rat » 01 October 2015, 17:59

Once I had the enemy ready to flee on their turn something strange happened. An enemy unit verminkin was alone between two of my units and it looked as though the same time the rout check had failed the unit made an alone check too. Unit ended up running and being attacked by only one of my units before quickly switching back the camera to my leader where the game hung up and nothing happened after.

Aside from some bugs like this the game is really shaping up so far and I'm enjoying the campaign mode.

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Re: Game hung up.

Postby Adonai » 01 October 2015, 19:13

Hello Ranzig_Rat,

Sorry to hear that you've encountered a bug.

A patch is on its way and we are going to produce a patch per week from now on until the game release :)



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