Chance ambiguity and lack of relevant information

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Chance ambiguity and lack of relevant information

Postby Blitzconfusion » 30 September 2015, 13:52

A minor, but long to properly express complaint, so prepare yourselves, and grab a coffee if necessary.

On more than one Skill-related occasion, the ambiguity of chances presented cause me either mild confusion and/or irritation.

Veteran: When rolling for an injury, halves the chance of getting 'Multiple Injuries'.
VMastery: Also doubles the chance of 'Full Recovery'.

What I dislike in these are as follows:
1: As I don't have the information of what the chances of a result are/were in the first place, how am I to gauge whether or not the halving or doubling of that value is a significant change, strong enough to use points on?
2% becoming 4% or 1% is only ever relevant on a very large pool of events, but 10% becoming 20% or 5% is quite significant already. I don't know the numbers I'm dealing with. There might be variables depending on occasion-specifics, but having some clue of the scale would be nice.

2: When increasing or decreasing chances of a specific outcome in a pool of multiple possibilities, arises an important question: At the expense/benefit of what other outcome?
Would Veteran make half the 'Multiple Injuries' results into 'Full Recovery' (nice)? Or into 'Injury' (less so)? Or are half the occasions removed from the pool of possible outcomes, making it actually a bit more likely that the Character gets the result: 'Death'? This is relevant when making the decision.
VMastery has the same problem, the opposite direction: Does the extra recovery come at the expense of a specific outcome, or simply double the occasions of 'Full Recovery' in the pool of outcomes?

Explorer Mastery: Reduces the cost... ...and increases the chance to find Exceptional quality missions by 10%.

Basically the same problems I have with Veteran, plus one more:
I don't know whether or not the context means that the chance of Exceptional quality missions is only increased when using scouts to reveal more. I originally thought it would not, but I could see it either way.

This complaint was only made because I'm certain that this game will attract a fair share of players who are even more obbsessive-compulsive about numbers than I am. I'm just mildly irritated.

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