[suggestion] Custom AI warbands by players

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[suggestion] Custom AI warbands by players

Postby Orkhan » 17 September 2015, 19:43

Hello staff and community,

I have a suggestion concerning the partially messed up AI warband equipment and warband setup.


- some items and item combinations are very bad on AI warband members (weapons with -% magic resist, bunch of useless potions etc.) because the AI does neither use potions nor damaging spells
- some epic items on rank 10 AI warbands are common instead (only visible on lootable items of course) ---> less damage
- most of AI warbands that I have played against don't start with 9 or 10 members, instead they spawn with 7 or 8

Suggested solution

- implement a "submit AI warband" button on warband management menu or
- implement an option to generate an AI warband on the "start new campaign" page
- the submitted AI warband setup will be added to the pool of enemy AI warbands
- players can submit "easy to play" equipment, member and skills combinations for AI warbands for better testing purposes and more challenging fights against AI
- for example to skip on active offensive skills on Henchmen to let them attack twice with tiring weapons instead of using one special ability (as it is now) and doing nothing for the rest of the turn
- another example: skip rat ogre on Skaven warband because Skaven arent using guidance on it atm

Possible restrictions for submission of the AI warband
- only allow one submission per player
- the quality of the submission must be checked (by either the community or the focus staff) before it enters the AI warband pool
- names of the warband and its members are generated randomly and cant be changed


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