Svinto's review of the game now

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Svinto's review of the game now

Postby Svinto » 29 April 2015, 12:01

i have not played for a long wile. i will start of with that the game looks awesome. the graphic designers hope you are female cause i want to kiss you. but if your male you'll just have to pucker up anyways the kiss is coming.

game wise tho.

i was thinking of entering a "butchers bill" tournament that the gentlemen of mordheim has made. it was a level 10 one this time. i test played a little with a guy. i felt the skill unbalance that is in place now.

i would like to play more to find them all out the op ones. but i am guessing you know about them. and i dont want to repeat anything that has already been said by someone ells.

this is my point of view,

the are to much movement. giving more action points so a person can make more action i buy that. but more movement. it makes range battle weird. you need to camp out in a building or you will be rushed, specially wen you tanky guys are last. if you build them super tank. they get useless. your range is killed if the move at start. so ether you need to make your melee glass cannons to keep up with you fast INI range. or you need to make you range slow as your tanks. witch is both weird. in my opinion
the movement should not increase with level up. it should stay the same as low level. or the game will feel out of control.,

the skills. oh dear.
i have not even played them all. but if you dont take the OP ones. your going to lose.
if a guy can have 5 active skills. i think there should be a restriction on how many you can use on a round. like you can use 1 active skill per round with your hencemen. maybe 2 with a hero or leader. this will take away crazy combo's they a ruining the game. some magics may need a tired system like the attack. or a higher risk of failing wen they are spammed. having good skills should boost you char. but wen a person can make 233 damage in one hit and they have several attack, that is a game killer. my spawn got killed in 2 attacks. poof gone. this is stilll with the issue with high INI vs slow INI. still a problem. being fast and defensive is still the best way to play.

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