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Another feedback

Postby Hazard » 15 March 2015, 20:01

Well, some good improvements :
- Lot of skills
- Lot of equipments
- Level for character
- Countdown progress for alternative victory conditions
- Better gameplay for PC player
- More fluid (for me at last)

After some plays :
High level characters are powerful, too : They could get out anybody in one round. Even if they are a youngblood. The first to act...
The view map is a little complex to understand, especially these with a lot of levels like the bibliotheque.

Suggestions :
- Use the mouse wheel to choose the actions in play or in character management between skill, equipment, stats.

- The weapons management
Could a dev at last explain to me what's the benefit of this two weapon sets ?
The failings are now more visible with apparition of quality weapons.

- Two campagn modes : One with storyline where you go for the next battle when you win the previous in order to achieve your warband goal.
The second with the map of Mordheim where you began in a quartier and have to control at best the town. The second is endless since you have got only a warband.
For example, you control with 100% the quartier where you are and where your QG is, with 75% the nearest, 50% two quartiers away...
This control allow you to see what's happen, otherwarband movement...
You could add income, reputation points...
Like mercenary you colud choose mission : Find a object, kill someone, gather wyrdstone...

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