Release Notes Early Access Content Update 9 Patch 9

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Release Notes Early Access Content Update 9 Patch 9

Postby Adonai » 11 November 2015, 21:07

Hello Everyone

We've been working extremely hard to continue development and fix Major blocking issues currently seen by players.

This patch comes in as Please read below for a list of corrections, additions, and removals.

  • Unlocked the Rank 7 for Warriors and Wardbands
  • Steam Achievements will now be there and unlock properly
    • Take note that these are NOT retroactive
  • Fixed an issue where only Bloodletters were spawning if a Daemon was to be present. Now all Daemons will be in the rotation of enemies
  • Reduced the Base Wounds of Bloodletters, Daemonettes and Plaguebearers by 65 Wounds
  • Fixed an issue were Daemons were always spawning during Brutal and Deadly missions. They will not always be present anymore
  • In Skirmish the option to add Daemons will be set to OFF by default now
  • The chances to suffer from an Ambush or to be Ambushed after selecting a mission has been reduced from 15% chances to 10% chances
  • Added more potential nodes for Ambushers in Ambush scenarios
  • For the Story Mission 1-3 of the Possessed, Players are not forced to gather all 3 Lures anymore, they only need to gather 1
  • The Chaos Ogre has been added to the potential list of roaming monsters
  • Fixed an issue with Fylch that should hopefully prevent him from getting trapped into the ground
  • Save Game during Single Player Missions
  • Fixed an issue where the Liberator’s Boon buff was applied when it wasn’t supposed to be
  • Updates on Combat GUI to provide better feedback of what happens to Players (first pass, more to come as this is still a Work in Progress)
  • New GUI button in the Warband management to browse available Hired Swords even when your warband is full
  • Modified the description of the Mutation “The Eye” to mention it prevents the warrior of equipping Light and Heavy armor
  • Improved the message to include which campaign is to be deleted when attempting to delete a campaign
  • Added Warriors' footsteps and shout variations on multiple animations and sequences.
  • New retroaction GUI display during mission (Still a work in progress, not yet localized)
  • Fixed the missing parry animation on Mercenaries and Possessed one handed weapon failed attack
  • Fixed the missing parry animation on Skaven with claws
  • Fixed an issue where the AI wouldn't use action zones properly
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent skirmish games (exhibition or contest) from loading when Daemon were added to the game.
  • Added combat log localization
  • Tweaked AI
In order to increase the will of keeping a veteran in your warband, we’ve toned down and adjusted a multitude of injuries.
  • When rolling for injuries, reduced the chances to get “Multiple Injuries”
  • Added a new Injury named Deep Wound. The injury takes 5 days to recover, but has no long term effect
  • Reduced the recovery time of Severed Arm, Severed Leg and Missing Eye to 5 days instead of 7
  • Reduced the recovery time of Concussion, Internal Wound and Maimed Hand to 4 days instead of 5
  • Severed Arm: this injury now also provides a 20% bonus to Dodge
  • Severed Leg: now doesn’t prevent the use of Charge and Ambush actions anymore. Now reduces movement by 1 instead of 2
  • Missing Eye: Perception is increased by 10% instead of being reduced and Initiative is increased by 10 (the 10% penalty remains to Melee and Ranged hit chances)
  • Mysterious Ailment: the penalty to wounds has been reduced to -10 instead of -15
  • The rating reduction provided by the injuries Concussion, Internal Wound and Skull Fracture has been increased to -15 instead of -5
  • Megalomania: the injury doesn’t prevent spellcasting anymore, instead it increases the costs of spells by 2 OP
  • Draught of Lucidity and Draught of Calm have been removed from the loot tables since the injuries Half-Crazy and Paranoia are not yet in the game. If you already have some of those consumables they can be sold.
  • The rating of items based on their quality has been modified as follow (Normal/ Fine / Masterwork):
    • Consumables: 2 / 4 / 6
    • Helmets & Pendants: 5 / 10 / 15
    • Armor: 10 / 20 / 30
    • 1H Weapons & Shields: 5 / 10 / 15
    • 2H Weapons: 10 / 20 / 30
    • Range Weapons: 10 / 20 / 30
  • The rating of Runes/Mark based on their quality has been modified as follow (Regular / Masterwork):
    • Helmets & Pendants: 5 / 10
    • Armor: 10 / 20
    • 1H Weapons & Shields: 5 / 10
    • 2H Weapons: 10 / 20
    • Range Weapons: 10 / 20
Rune & Marks
  • Mark of Conspiracy now also increase chances to cast spells by 10/20% (5/10% for 1 handed weapons)
Known Issues
  • You will see Warriors reposition themselves after a mission reload
  • Using multiple delays with mission reload might skip Warriors' turn, in some specific cases.
  • If you reload a mission while your Warrior was on an action zone (jump, climb, etc...) you will need to walk out and back in, the action zone, to see the action available.
  • The 1st tutorial message, that pops up at the beginning of the 1st mission, will reappear after a mission reload

We hope this patch helps you get a better experience with the current state of our game. We aren't stopping and there should be more patches/updates coming up soon with more things to enjoy and new features.

How to help us
If you find any bugs or need some technical help, please refer to the appropriate forum for bugs reporting and technical issues, and do no post in general discussions. The general discussion forum is very hard for us to navigate as there is a lot of movement, so we only look at it briefly.
If you get a game breaking bug, such as a crash to desktop, please make a post in the bug report section, and also send your output log found in your steam install directory: Steam\SteamApps\common\mordheim\mordheim_Data\output_log.txt

Email this log to logs at and we'll take a look at it. Please link your post/thread in your email so we can return to it. A DxDiag can also be helpful, and if you managed to take a screenshot that will also help quite a bit.

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