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Postby Adonai » 03 October 2015, 21:54

Hello Everyone

We've been working extremely hard to continue development and fix Major blocking issues currently seen by players.

This patch comes in as Please read below for a list of corrections, additions, and removals.

General Changes
  • Fixed an issue where lighting props could break action zones
  • Fixed an issue where it would be impossible to leave an Attic
  • Fixed an issue where reinforcements would not hunt down players
  • Fixed an issue where reinforcements would spawn too far from player units
  • The display of mission difficulties will now appear in Yellow for Hard missions, orange for Brutal missions and Red for Deadly Missions
  • The Rating difference for missions has been reduced and adjusted to:
    • Normal Missions: between 0 to 5% of your Warband Rating
    • Hard Missions: between 6 to 20% of your Warband Rating
    • Brutal Missions: between 21 to 40% of your Warband Rating
    • Deadly Missions: between 41 to 75% of your Warband Rating
  • The base chances of Perception has been increased from 20 to 40%. Each points of Alertness still provides an extra 3% chances
  • The base chances of All Alone, Fear and Terror has been increased from 0 to 20%. Each points of Leadership still provides an extra 4% chances
  • Increased all trap Durations by 1 turn
  • Reduced Shipment Requests amount of Wyrdstone weight for Rank 1 and up
  • Slightly increased the amount of items generated by the Market rotation (should help at Rank 0)
  • Reduced the extra wyrdstones requested after failing a shipment to 25% for the first time, 50% for the second time and 100% for the third time
  • Reduce Skills Requirements of Normal Skills (not mastery) from 6 to 3, 9 to 6, 12 to 9 for all Skills linked to Attributes (racial skills remains unchanged)
  • Fixed a building which had a fake closed door, it will now display no doors as it should
  • Regrouped AI units in some of the Campaign Missions
  • Adjusted Objectives locations in some of the Campaign Missions
  • Updated the GUI to make unpaid units, skill points available and weight request visible in the main screen
  • Updated text in Tutorial 03 about Buff/Debuff windows cycling. It was written the windows could be “browsed” which has been replaced by “cycled” to make it clearer (no mouse pointers were intended to be brought up
  • Mercenaries will have access back to their beard and mustache customization options
  • Removed the “Bring back to cart” objective in most of the missions
  • Adjusted the Skulls location of the second Campaign Mission of the possessed
  • Reviewed all procedural building interiors (except Mansions for now) to fix incorrectly placed/ impossible to gather search points
  • Greatly reduced the chances for Dramatis Personae to trigger a Tzeentch Cure or a Divine Wrath while casting spells
  • Fixed an issue where actions zone could be broken in unique Campaign Missions
  • Randomized colors of enemy generated warbands (model variations will come later)
  • When stealing the enemy, gain a buff that lasts 2 turns called something like “Liberator's boon” (name not final) which increases movement by 2 and reduce the cost of Dodge Stance by 2 SP.
  • Speeded up the looting Process
  • Icon of equipment Blue or Purple will have the proper color instead of being white all the time
  • On the first day of a campaign, all missions will be of Normal difficulties
  • Replaced the word “Normal” by “Average” for the Wyrdstone and search points description of missions on the campaign map to avoid confusion with the difficulty
  • Fix deployment issues in District 2 that would prevent stealing the Idol
  • Dramatis Personae will now be able to Parry if they have parrying weapons
  • Added a different button for the Fire Unit and Disband Warband and removed the Hotkey linked to it
  • Camp screen will now display more informations such as unpaid fees, wyrdstone delivery or unspent skill points
  • In hideout, units will now have an indicator at the top right if they have unspent skill points.
  • Daily report will now be on 2 pages if it's too long to fit on 1 page.
  • Wyrdstone bags won't be item restricted anymore
  • Many User Interface tweaks and updates in the Hideout
  • Main menu cosmetic improvements
  • Fixed issue with some Monsters not dissolving properly after being put out of action
  • Fixed issues with leap fails not properly ending when Unit is put out of action
  • Fixed issue while hiring an outsider where training skills where not costing full price

We hope this patch helps you get a better experience with the current state of our game. We aren't stopping and there should be more patches/updates coming up soon with more things to enjoy and new features.

How to help us
If you find any bugs or need some technical help, please refer to the appropriate forum for bugs reporting and technical issues, and do no post in general discussions. The general discussion forum is very hard for us to navigate as there is a lot of movement, so we only look at it briefly.
If you get a game breaking bug, such as a crash to desktop, please make a post in the bug report section, and also send your output log found in your steam install directory: Steam\SteamApps\common\mordheim\mordheim_Data\output_log.txt

Email this log to logs at and we'll take a look at it. Please link your post/thread in your email so we can return to it. A DxDiag can also be helpful, and if you managed to take a screenshot that will also help quite a bit.

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