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Hello Everyone,

Rogue Factor and Focus are proud to provide you with this third update of the Early Access. Like we did before, we want to present you a list of all the updates that come with this version, but also the known issues and limitations of this Early Access version.

Our third content update is and it provides the following new features:

- Max ranked Warbands: All Warbands are available at rank 10 allowing you to try and test many skills and spells combinations on all available Units.

- Skills and Spells: A new menu is now available in the hideout allowing you to customize the skills and spells your units can learn.

- 3 New maps: One new procedural map and two more unique locations (The middle bridge and the Great Library) are available for Skirmish.

- New musics for Hideout: Each Warband has now its own hideout music.

- Unity 5: That’s Right! We are now running the latest version of Unity. It brings a little bit of optimizations to realtime and loading, and 32/64bits versions depending on your Operating System. However it can also bring a few weirdo bugs! Generally we feel the game is much more stable than it was. If you had odd graphic bugs or bugs we never figured out, now is the right time to try the game again. There are certain issues which are very hard for us to fix as they are internal to the engine.

As we already stated, we value the input of our players and we've done some adjustment according to the feedback we gathered:

General Changes
  • Fixed climb to remove an extra unwanted -6% and -12% penalty on climb of 6 and 9 meters
  • The base chances to hit with range weapons have been reduced back to 75%. It was at 90% by mistake
  • Falling damage should now bypass armor properly
  • Armor absorption has been transferred in percentage of absorption rather than hard numbers
  • Armor Absorption bypass has been transferred in percentage of bypass rather than hard numbers
  • Increase the cost of Switch Weapon to 2SP and 1 OP
  • Warlock lost access to Bows and Long Bows
  • Captain and Youngblood lost access to Handgun
  • All item’s damage and bonus have been revised
  • All units should have proper default items in their Second Weapon set if they can have a second weapon set.
  • Modified Trap generation numbers to hopefully prevent having traps that are too close to each others
  • Increased minimum shooting range to be 5 meters instead of 4 (must be at least 5 meters away from the victim in order to be able to shoot)
  • Changed several animations, and added intermediary “engaged” idle animations.
  • Skaven Claws can now parry
  • Stances have been fixed: their enchantment will now be removed as soon as they trigger (this includes Dodge, Parry, Ambush and Overwatch)
  • Bonus to AI’s wounds has been reduced to 20% instead of 30%
  • Reduced the Wyrdstone Rush % to gather to be either: 45%, 50%, 55% or 60% of all the Wyrdstones
  • Reduced the Bounty targets to vary between 20% and 30% of the enemies’ Warband
  • Blunderbuss now properly affects multiple targets in a cone area
  • Blunderbuss now properly blocks some skills that are meant to be only single targeted
Combat Changes
  • 1 Handed with an empty hand:
    • +10% to Dodge
    • + 10 to Initiative
  • Dual Wielding
    • Reduce damage dealt with all attacks by 33%
    • increase cost of attack by 1 OP after the first one
    • Not stackable
  • Two Handed
    • increase cost of attack by 1 OP after the first one
    • Reduce damage of all attacks by 20% after the first one
    • Stackable
  • Firearms
    • increase cost of all attack by 1 OP
  • Desynchronisations
  • Flee: We corrected a desynchronisation when a unit attacked an enemy which had fled on it’s turn.
  • Traps: When a user triggered a trap, their position might not have been the same on both machines.
  • Engaged: Some engaged units didn’t update their stats properly at turn start
  • Copyright: We’ve fixed the copyright screen which was not positioned properly.
  • Death by curse: curses now behave accordingly and the unit dies correctly if killed as a result of the curse.
Known Issues
Because the game is still in development, some issues remain and could not be fixed in this version or have been discovered since its release. This is a list of the known issues we are aware of so far:

- Mutations: The Possessed warband doesn't have their mutations yet. We are working hard to bring this feature in, yet the Chaos Gods are not willing to let us do so yet (go figure! They really are the chaos gods after all).

- Skills related issues: Some skills are still missing, they will come further down the road. Some skills don't have their FX yet. Feel free to point them out. Not all animations are set properly for the skills, we are still working on this

- Invisible walls: There might be some invisible walls between two buildings or a building and the street, but the unit should always have another way to go about it.

- Loading might still be long: We've been working on optimizing the loading time in the previous patch and manage to get good results but there's still room for improvement. We've added a tiny animation at the bottom right corner of the screen to show you the loading is still happening and the game's not freeze.

- Potential graphical bug and xray: We still have work to do on our camera and we are evaluating the best option to do so right now, we used to have an xray system which would cut through the walls, but it seems it created a weird graphical bug (objects would render black/white, much like Sin City). We removed the xray for now and we will be working on a better solution for this issue.

- Attacking AI through a wall: It's possible to engage another unit through a wall, even if it's not visible to your current unit. If you do so against the AI, it won't be able to compute the action and the game will freeze leaving you no other choice but closing the game.

- Using the mouse in GUI with higher screen resolution: We would recommend not to play the game with a screen resolution higher than 1920x1080 as some GUI asset might become difficult to click.

- Information in the Lobby: There are some issues with the information displayed when refreshing the list in the lobby. You might see, for example, a lobby joined by a Steam Friend that is not available to you and that you won't be able to join.

- Switching to another program while playing: If you use Alt-Tab or minimize/maximize the game window while playing or loading, you might end up with a game crash or misbehaving game.

- Desynchronisation during online skirmish: You might encounter some random desynchronization while playing a skirmish online. We are investigating everything that might cause such problem and all the feedback we can get from you will be very helpful.

- Tutorials: Tutorials are outdated, but we can't spend time bringing them up to date at each push since every balance tweak affects units positioning and actions available.

- Artificial Intelligence: AI Rating at Rank 10 is not big enough. So Units will be weak.

- Windows 32bits based version: In order to prevent the game from crashing, player on 32bits operating systems should play using the "fastest" settings.

If you find any bugs or need some technical help, please refer to the appropriate forum for bugs reporting and technical issues, and do no post in general discussions. The general discussion forum is very hard for us to navigate as there is a lot of movement, so we only look at it briefly.

If you get a game breaking bug, such as a crash to desktop, please make a post in the bug report section, and also send your output log found in your steam install directory: Steam\SteamApps\common\mordheim\mordheim_Data\output_log.txt

Email this log to and we'll take a look at it. Please link your post/thread in your email so we can return to it. A DxDiag can also be helpful, and if you managed to take a screenshot that will also help quite a bit.

Previous Updates
- All 4 Tutorials of the game: The player will get comfortable with all the combat mechanics of the game.

- Play Skirmish games against AI or friends online: The AI is a little bit easy to beat, but playing against a friend is great fun.

- 2 Campaign Maps with 3 different deployment each: These are the same maps which will be used in our campaign, but with slight differences.

- 2 Procedural Maps with 10 different deployment types: These maps, being generated procedurally will give the player much variety as path, previously open will be closed, and even in the same deployment type, units will find themselves in different buildings etc. This is the great value, We have too many different types of building for me to count, plus props and bridges which are created procedurally to change the map.

- 4 playable Warbands: Skaven from the Eshin Clan, Mercenaries Reiklanders, the Sisters of Sigmar, and the Cult of the Possessed

- New Hideout section, with weapon and armour selection: You're now provided with a chest full of weapons and armours which you'll be able to distribute among your units. Note that at the moment, only weapons and helmets will have a visual impact. The armour will not visually change on the character whether you choose cloth, light or heavy armour (but your changes will affect the stats though).

- Reserves in Warband management: Warbands now have "reserves" you can choose from, to organize your Units before going to combat, based on their type and cost.

- Extra objectives: With the search action now available, various extra objectives have been added to the Skirmish games (Marked for Death, Crush their Will, Wyrdstone Rush).

- Turn timer is now available in Skirmish: As requested by our community of Players, you can now set a time limit for a Unit turn.

We hope you will enjoy this update and get even more fun out of Mordheim: City of the Damned. We appreciate all the feedback and help we got from you so far, and want to thank all of you.

Rogue Factor & Focus Home Interactive.

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