A little heads up :)

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A little heads up :)

Postby Adonai » 09 March 2015, 23:58

Greetings Everyone,

As some of you might already be aware of, we've had a busy time last week at GDC where Mordheim : City of the Damned was featured on the Unity booth to showcase the power of Unity 5.

It was great meeting some of you in person to talk about the next content update happening very soon!

That update will allow you to play with the highest level warbands (level 10), allocate freely stat points to each unit, select the active/passive skills and spells to bring to the battlefield!

Along with those features, the update will include 2 new unique maps (The Great Library and Mid Bridge) and 1 new procedural map in the Merchant's Quarter.

Not to mention that with this update the game also notably switches to Unity 5, bringing improvements to the game's graphics and post-processing effects, as well as fixes regarding a variety of bugs we had with the previous version.

See you around the dark streets of Mordheim!


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