Post # 8 – Dramatis - Wilhelm Krieger

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Post # 8 – Dramatis - Wilhelm Krieger

Postby Drildgen » 16 June 2016, 14:06

Hello everyone,

Today we let the last, but not least, Witch Hunters warrior out of the shadows. We're proud to reveal Wilhelm Krieger, the Witch Hunters Dramatis personae.

Forgive me, brother, I forgot to introduce myself. I am High Capitular Wilhelm Krieger. Long has my family sent its sons to serve the Order of the Silver Hammer, but I felt called to a different path and took the oaths of the Order of the Anvil. The ways of our god are many, however, and here I am fighting beside you all the same. For what man of courage and conscience could sit idle in Wolfenburg Cathedral when our Grand Theogonist has proclaimed Sigmar’s punishment upon Mordheim.
Initial Weapon Set
Set 1: Two-Handed Great Hammer
Set 2: Sigmarite Warhammer & Shield

Equipment Proficiency
Melee: Two-Handed Hammer, Hammer, Sigmarite Warhammer.
Range: None.
Armour: Heavy, Shield, Pendant, Amulet

Fearless: Immune to All Alone, Fear and Terror
Divine Caster: This unit has access to some spells from Sigmar’s Prayers Tome.
Initial Skills and Spells
Armour of Righteousness (spell): Single ally. Grants immunity to Fear and provokes Fear on engaged enemies. Increases Armour Absorption by 10%. Not Stackable.
Prayer of Absolution (spell): Allies within a 5 meter radius around the caster. Increases Armour Absorption by 5% and Dodge and Parry chance by 10%. Not Stackable.
Devotion Mastery: Reduces the chance to trigger Divine Wrath by 15% when casting a spell.
Armor Proficient: Reduces the Heavy Armour movement penalty by 1 meter.
Commander: Increases Morale by 3.

Unique Skills and Spells
Woe of the Wicked (spell): Enemies in a 5 meter radius. Reduces Movement Range by 1 meter, Initiative by 10, and maximum Strategy Points by 1. Not Stackable.
Expose Sin: Single enemy. Reduces all resistances, Parry and Dodge chance by 10%. Usable once per turn. Not Stackable.
Guilty Verdict: Single enemy. A melee attack that deals regular damage, bypasses Armour Absorption, and will always result in a Critical Hit. Usable once every 3 turns. Only usable with Great Weapons.
As the end of the E3 2016 event is coming to a close, tomorrow we will be publishing the final reveal of the Witch Hunters Warband. Stay tuned!

Cleanse the streets of Mordheim with the Witch Hunters Warband DLC, available June 21st 2016!
Good hunting in the streets of Mordheim!


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