Post #5 - Warrior-Priest reveal!

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Post #5 - Warrior-Priest reveal!

Postby Drildgen » 13 June 2016, 14:08

Hello everyone,

On this fine day, we're very proud to divulge another hero unit of the Witch Hunters Warband: The Warrior-Priest!

Among the ranks of Sigmar’s clergy, the Warrior Priests emphasize the martial aspects of their god. Filled with a fiery fervour and an unbreakable faith, these priests are a formidable sight to the enemies of the Empire. Wielding immense warhammers that can shatter skulls and crush bones, a Warrior Priest is an imposing foe. More than their physical strength, however, it is a Warrior Priest’s devotion to Sigmar that endows him with his deadliest abilities – harnessing the divine power of his god and unleashing devastating forces against his adversaries.
Initial Weapon Set
Set 1: Hammer & Shield
Set 2: None

Equipment Proficiency
Melee: Dagger, Flail, Hammer, Mace, Sigmarite Warhammer, Great Flail, Great Hammer.
Range: None.
Armour: Cloth, Light, Heavy, Shield, Pendant, Amulet.

Divine Spellcaster: This unit has access to some spells from Sigmar’s Prayers Tome.

Initial Spell
Immaculate Flesh: Removes all active Poison effects and increases Poison and Wyrdstone Resistance by 15%. Not stackable.

Initial Skills
Divine Rage: When dealing melee damage, increases the Spellcasting chance of the next spell by 15%. The next action taken must be a spell or the effect is lost.
Potiential Spells
Shield of Faith: Increases Magic Resistance by 15%. Not Stackable.
Armour of Righteousness: Grants immunity to Fear and provokes Fear on engaged enemies. Increases Armour Absorption by 10%. Not Stackable.
Deny the Heretic: Creates a zone effect at the selected area. Entering or starting a turn inside the area inflicts a debuff that reduces current and maximum Offense Points by 1 and Melee Hit chance by 5% for 1 turn. Not Stackable.
Word of Damnation: Reduces Magic Resistance by 10% and the chance to pass All Alone, Fear, and Terror tests by 25%. Not Stackable.
Soulfire: Deals 10-15 damage. Bypasses Armour Absorption.
Prayer of Absolution: Increases Armour Absorption by 5% and Dodge and Parry chance by 10%. Not Stackable.
Healing Hand: Restores up to 40 wounds.

Come back tomorrow as we are speeding up the Witch Hunters Warband reveals as part of the E3 events.

Cleanse the streets of Mordheim with the Witch Hunters Warband DLC, coming end of June!
Good hunting in the streets of Mordheim!



Re: Post #5 - Warrior-Priest reveal!

Postby Anguloke » 14 June 2016, 04:28

Current initial spell doesn't make much sense. Seems way too Warband / Wyrdstone focused. Would think a 'Warrior-priest' would have something more fitting of the title.

Armour of Righteousness or Prayer of Absolution seems far more fitting than Immaculate Flesh. Immaculate Flesh seems way too situation specific for a starting spell.


Re: Post #5 - Warrior-Priest reveal!

Postby Guest » 27 June 2016, 03:35

Is Trial By Pain a Mistake as one of the Warrior Priests faction active skills? It is a ranged attack, requiring Ballistic skill to use, which the Warrior Priest doesn't even have base enough to use, nor able to spend on.

Seems like there should have been a more spell caster oriented skill on his list in that slot.

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