Post #1 - Witch Hunter Captain reveal!

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Post #1 - Witch Hunter Captain reveal!

Postby Drildgen » 31 May 2016, 14:15

The release of the Witch Hunters Warband looms ever closer! Today we're happy to lift the veil over the Leader of the new Warband: the Witch Hunter Captain!

Witch Hunter Captains share an obsession with bringing Sigmar’s justice to the forsaken city of Mordheim. Every Witch Hunter warband must be led by a Witch Hunter Captain. These powerful leaders bear a commission from the Grand Theogonist himself. This gives the Captains total authority to perform whatever action they deem necessary. Men entrusted with such authority are chosen for their unswerving faith and zeal, as well as their tactical acumen and swordsmanship. Any who dare oppose a Witch Hunter Captain will be summarily executed… all with the Temple of Sigmar’s blessing.
Initial Weapon Set

-Set 1: Crossbow Pistols
-Set 2: Sword

Equipment Proficiency

-Melee: Axe, Dagger, Hammer, Mace, Sword, Great Hammer, Great Sword.
-Range: Blunderbuss, Crossbow, Crossbow Pistol, Dueling Pistol, Handgun, Hunting Rifle, Pistol.
-Armour: Cloth, Light, Heavy, Shield, Pendant, Amulet, Helmet.

-Sigmar's Aegis: The warrior has a natural Magic resistance bonus of 20%

Initial Skills

-Hunter's Patience: After a successful Dodge attempt, reduces the cost of a Counter-Attack performed in response by 1 Offense Point.
Cleanse the streets of Mordheim with the Witch Hunters Warband DLC, coming end of June!
Good hunting in the streets of Mordheim!



Re: Post #1 - Witch Hunter Captain reveal!

Postby Guest » 06 June 2016, 16:11

Looks like he strolled over straight outta Vermintide ;) Love the look of him, and can't wait to take those crossbow pistols for a spin!

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