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Rogue Factor
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A message from Rogue Factor

Postby Rogue Factor » 20 November 2014, 20:42


First and foremost, I would like to say a heartfelt “Thank You” for your interest in Mordheim: City of the Damned. Your support for this Early Access endeavor is of utmost importance to us. The whole team at Rogue Factor is working incredibly hard on this game and we want it to be the best it can be when released. Mordheim is a project driven by passion; many of us have been playing the tabletop game for years now and we’ve been fans of everything Warhammer since the 90s (ok, ok, since the 80s for some of us!) :D

As you might have noticed, we are a very small team of 20 hardcore developers at Rogue Factor. This allows us to be highly reactive and nimble in our game development, thus making Steam Early Access a natural choice to improve and polish our game with the help of the community.

This leads to the strategy we decided to take for the Early Access. We decided to start small in the initial build with 4 Tutorials and Exhibition Skirmishes between 2 Warbands, the Skaven and the Mercenaries. We chose these modes for you to better understand our adaptation of the table top mechanics as well as grasping the new ones. This will give us the chance to balance units/skills and have the community’s feedback on the game’s basics.

We will update the game frequently, with numerous new features and gameplay elements (as mentioned in the Store Page). We’ll listen to your feedback, and progress toward the full release of the game at a respectable pace whilst keeping the game stable and fully playable.

As Frank Herbert said in Dune, “A beginning is a very delicate time”, so we are counting on your help to make our dream come true.

The Rogue Factor Team
Rogue Factor

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Re: A message from Rogue Factor

Postby lovebunyip » 20 November 2014, 20:48

and thank you from what we have seen looks great

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Re: A message from Rogue Factor

Postby Skink » 20 November 2014, 22:34

You guys rock. Keen as to help and provide feedback. I'm loving everything in the game so far. Especially the sound and music.

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Re: A message from Rogue Factor

Postby sorrowquin » 21 November 2014, 08:47

I have to admitt so far the game feels much better than I expected.

There's still much to do but I'm having great fun already!
Keep up the good work =)
PS.: backtrack is terrible and should be removed!

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Re: A message from Rogue Factor

Postby Persipnei » 21 November 2014, 13:09

Could you tell us what the first things are, that will be added?

I feel creating your own warband, and keeping it (with lvling and injuries) through different skirmishes is really important in a game like this, and would be priority (but that's only my 2c).

The site mentions 4 different warbands. Do you plan to create more? Would those be implemented in the game before launch, or would extra warbands be DLC-material?

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Re: A message from Rogue Factor

Postby Skink » 22 November 2014, 02:21

Check the forum posts in General. There you'll find heaps of discussions and answers for your questions.

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Re: A message from Rogue Factor

Postby Whightwolf » 22 November 2014, 16:00

Ok I just started playing the early access last night and it's fantastic. Really top work already guys, I know it's got a way to go yet but it's already really pretty. The only thing I'm really hoping for (aside obvious for the other warbands DLC, rolling them out 2 by 2 maybe?) is customisation.

The more we can edit the warbands in character sheet terms and in terms of appearance I think the more fun this will be. Maybe something like specific skills having affects on the character models? Ammo pouches or additional pistols on your talented pistoleer. I've been playing a lot of Shadows of Mordor and I thought that kind of surface level characterization seems to really bring a lot to it.

But yes, right, amazing job already you guys I can't wait to see how it progresses.

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