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Re: Gameplay Trailer!

Postby Jonkenden » 18 November 2014, 17:07

This was awesome, i kinda misread the imminently for immediatly. Man got way too excited! :shock:

I agree, some kind of minimap or something might be necessary to keep bearings, maybe a small compass to atleast give you a sense of direction.


Well rewatching the video i noticed there is a compass : )
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Sacred Secrets
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Re: Gameplay Trailer!

Postby Sacred Secrets » 18 November 2014, 18:58

I loved this, and while I understand the want for a map, and I have a feeling I would like one too, I actually like that you don't necessarily get one. Even in the tabletop version, the idea that you knew exactly where all of your enemies were kind of took some of the initial surprise out of the game. If you're running through the streets of a city, you might know who you are fighting, but you don't know exactly where they are a lot of the time.
Indeed, a commander on the ground in the midst of combat will not know the exact lay of the battle field or enemy positions unless advanced scouting was preformed before hand. Seems quite realistic in that regard.

The old school turn based strategy
gamer in me has been conditioned over time to expect that birds eye tactical view, the gameplay video initially felt naked without it to me. The more I think about it, I find it's exclusion an interesting change of pace. I will be interested to see if it remains excluded in the final product.
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Re: Gameplay Trailer!

Postby Rhodryn » 18 November 2014, 19:13

A few things I am uncertain about with what I see. But in general I am really liking what I see! :D

It's mostly what most have said, the part about the movement being ditence based (so far) rather than ground based. Hopefully that is something they fix/change as they continue to develop the game.

Another thing is that I feel they need to refine the camera a bit. It sometimes hides what is going on.

I am certain that it is just for this video, so that we can see both sides... but I really hope that we do not get to see the opponents movement like we did in this video. And only see it happend if they happend to run into our field of view.

But yeah, this is still early stuff, so I am sure they will fix what ever might not be compleatly right.

Do not remember anything else right now what I might have thoughts about it... will have to watch it a few more times.

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Re: Gameplay Trailer!

Postby kidcage » 18 November 2014, 19:23

Gave it another watch as my friend and I excitedly chatted about this.

The movement bit that people have brought up is something I hadn't paid attention to, but now that it's brought up, I can see where it might need addressed. I still really like how much it feels like Mordheim with how the city looks and everything.

I have to say, the design of the characters are really cool. When they were introducing the different warband units, I wasn't too looking into the mage for the Mercs, since I'm not a huge magic guy, but seeing him in action changed my mind.

Hopefully this hits soon so we can all jump in. Downloaded Steam just for this, so I definitely plan to get my money/time's worth.
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Re: Gameplay Trailer!

Postby Skink » 18 November 2014, 22:26

Don't think of it as "air movement" just think of it as "potential movement". And don't forget that climbing, jumping and falling should use up movement points. I think it works fine. Lets you have a wee scout around for a good spot before committing.

I like not having a map. Makes the game feel claustrophobic, like some kind of ruined city ;) . I suspect this also ties into having the player perspective so close to units whilst controlling them, completely limiting what you can see.

Totally blown away.

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Re: Gameplay Trailer!

Postby sorrowquin » 18 November 2014, 22:36

Its not "potential movement" it's bullshit!

So jumping, climbing etc uses movement points and moving back 1 circle gives you movement points back? Do you realise how broken this system is?
Let's say there is a wall just ahead of you, that you want to climb. It's about 10 ground meters away from you, inside your first circle. So you go to the wall, climb it and used 1 point of movement for climbing and took the risk of failing the climb.
Now the other option is to move 20 meters to the right, passing your first circle, take the steps and move 20 back to the very same spot you would have reached through climbing. Doing so you pass your first circle again aaaaaand used ZERO points of movement while travelling 40 meters.

Something very similar can be seen at the very beginning of the gameplay trailer where the Human Captain who could jump down a wall in front of him but decides to move to the right and go back left.
I don't like this ONE BIT!
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PS.: backtrack is terrible and should be removed!

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Re: Gameplay Trailer!

Postby Skink » 18 November 2014, 22:41

Just saw your other post. See what you mean now. Hopefully this confusion gets cleared up soon.

Also, regarding "maps", on the controls pressing 'alt' or the middle mouse button toggles "Strategy View". Whatever that means.

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Re: Gameplay Trailer!

Postby willwicklund » 19 November 2014, 10:26

I agree with Sorrowquinn. A unit shouldn't be getting it's action points back if it returns back behind the blue line. The previous line should simply disappear if you choose to go past it. Else you could simply scout ahead and then go back to set up an ambush. You should have to commit your points to see what's further ahead.

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